My Tagbilaran City (Dream Poetry)

"There wasn't much to do this afternoon, after work, so I end up putting together a video of my favorite hometown - while heating up this week's leftovers for a late lunch - and decided to put some poetry to it as I went along. Funny how some thoughts/ideas came to be, unafraid of how I was going to formulate it in it's final form. What the heck, five minutes was all I had (wink!)"

It feels like a dream
A quiet I couldnt quite figure out just yet
A moment of silence that is
On a journey I know not the direction.

Peoples and machines moving thoughtlessly in all direction -
No visible footsteps nor clear faces -
Nothing seems to make sense
Much like waking up at dawn for no reason at all.

The serenity just drowns on top of silence -
Silence incensed with movements -
I wonder if the gods have something to do with all these
Quite precious it seems
I'm almost like sleepwalking.

This I conclude, I must be awake!
I must be home!
I must be where I need to be!
And want to be!
Where I dreamt to be...
And love to be...

Not sleeping but awake!

The City of Friendship,
My Tagbilaran City!


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