Project Cabawan 2008 Updates

Like most dreams it started small. Purely celebral. No definite idea, just a thought of a moment. Nothing etched or tinseled in some dark room of an uneventful mind. It came out of nowhere and, for a moment, wasn’t going nowhere. Too fleeting. Unvertebraed… And so it was. At first, anyway!

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Cabawan, Tagbilaran's Dying Meadow (Infrastructure Blues)

Rising new residential homes
gave rise to Cabawan's dying meadows...

She was once a beautiful vegetation and forest land
that was home to age-old miniature creatures -
the tarsiers - arguably the smallest primates there are,
and other rare species as well that are unique to Bohol.

She was primed for raising and grazing the Filipino's best friend,
not dogs, but the strong and tenaciously industrious water buffaloes -
the kabaw - who tilled his farmland.
Hence, probably the name Cabawan.

Our public apologies to mother nature
for the sake and benefit of man's shelter
and better living conditions, if at all acceptable.

With much trepidation, we thank you!

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My Tagbilaran City (Dream Poetry)

"There wasn't much to do this afternoon, after work, so I end up putting together a video of my favorite hometown - while heating up this week's leftovers for a late lunch - and decided to put some poetry to it as I went along. Funny how some thoughts/ideas came to be, unafraid of how I was going to formulate it in it's final form. What the heck, five minutes was all I had (wink!)"

It feels like a dream
A quiet I couldnt quite figure out just yet
A moment of silence that is
On a journey I know not the direction.

Peoples and machines moving thoughtlessly in all direction -
No visible footsteps nor clear faces -
Nothing seems to make sense
Much like waking up at dawn for no reason at all.

The serenity just drowns on top of silence -
Silence incensed with movements -
I wonder if the gods have something to do with all these
Quite precious it seems
I'm almost like sleepwalking.

This I conclude, I must be awake!
I must be home!
I must be where I need to be!
And want to be!
Where I dreamt to be...
And love to be...

Not sleeping but awake!

The City of Friendship,
My Tagbilaran City!