Caingget Sunset

This lyrical piece is actually a song-to-be-on-the-making I'm currently working with Mr. Meo Mascarinas, an illustrious musician from Bohol. It was started about an hour or so ago as I was driving home West of Hwy 190 in Slidell - just did a little Western Union oblige for my cuz in Bohol - when all these thoughts started pourin' inside my head, influenced by an earlier YM message sent by Meo Mascariñas himself about a song he started way back when with same title and all... Just thought of posting it here since it's what the BLOG is all about: My Tagbilaran!


Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!

People here just come and go
Take a dip, an hour or two;
Young and old, and children too!
Make their days as good as new.

Local wine, a sip or two;
Hanging rice and seafood, too,
Love to eat dem barbeque -
Happy faces, smiling, too!

Caingget sunset!
I’d like to be the man I’d be!
Caingget sunset!
I’d like to know what’s there to do!
Caingget sunset!
I can’t believe these things are true!
Caingget sunset!
I wanna go, I wanna go! I wanna go!

Music, singing, guitars, too!
Noises everywhere you go;
Call it influence or so
Nothing matters, just be you!

Used to dive here years ago
Scream and shout, at night time, too!
Learned to sing a note or two.
Wet and wild, and naked, too!

Bridge 1:
Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!

Bridge 2: (Cut)
I can’t help but reminisce
The good ol’ days of many years
When days don’t make sense sometimes
Happy years make happy tears…
Yeah, happy years make happy tears.

(Repeat Chorus)

Caingget sunset!
Caingget sunset!
I wanna go!

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